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<jd998> nuh girls can 2 / <jd998> but its not like our cum its like water but clear / <sweetangel13> rly? / <sweetangel13> i've never done it / <jd998> ok / <jd998> well how do u no when to stop / <sweetangel13> i dunno. it feels good for a while and i just decide to stop... / <sweetangel13> im afraid of my parents walking in / <jd998> y how do u do it / <jd998> liekon ur bed or with ur nikers on / <sweetangel13> at night i get on my bed and put my covers over me / <jd998> n wat / <jd998> pull ur nikers down / <sweetangel13> then i take my panties off and rub some vaseline on my fingers / <jd998> ok y vaseline / <sweetangel13> it makes it easier / <sweetangel13> then i stick my fingers in there... / <jd998> nice nice / <sweetangel13> and start moving it around. / <jd998> u got msn / <sweetangel13> no sorry / <jd998> fuk yer / <jd998> how many fingers have u had in ur pussy before / <sweetangel13> and eventually i get 2 fingers in there / <sweetangel13> then i put some vaseline on my other hand / <sweetangel13> and start rubbing my penis. / <jd998> wat / Wat / Wat.


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