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Operation renigger
Operation renigger / What? / reCAPTCHA was introduced to /b/ to get rid of the spam. Obviously, the system neither prevents spam nor newfags from taking over the site. / Here’s what you might not know about reCAPTCHA: They are using you as a source of free labor. There are two words in each test, one of them is an actual verification word and the other is a word taken from printed text to convert it to digital. This is usually done automatically, but there are often words that the computer cannot read. This is where you come in. / How? / Rather than let them use you as their personal slaves, replace the unknown word with “nigger”. It is usually easy to determine which word is the verification word. For words that reCAPTCHA knows, they always use the same font. Also, the verification word doesn’t have capitol letters, punctuation, or numbers. / Why? / Hopefully, this will accomplish one of two things: Either reCAPTCHA will be removed from /b/, or “nigger” will start appearing in digital texts. Either way, WIN. / verification sliten inwardly, / sliten nigger / Post successful!

Operation renigger

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